TMT (and its technology arm TSG) offers a high-end, innovative Web-Based, Integrated Digital Dictation/Medical Transcription Technology and outsource workforce to deliver verifiable quality and guaranteed turnaround time

Digital Dictation System

  • State-of-The-Art Digital Dictation, Medical Transcription and HIS Integration Software/Technology platform
  • Designed for physicians by physicians to better serve the medical community.
  • Web-based front-end for physicians and health records administrators to access, manage and track dictated jobs anytime, anyplace with a web browser
  • Flexibility to select in-house hosting or hosting on TSG site for dictation server
  • Option for complete/partial outsourcing of Dictation and/or Transcription services by experienced, qualified staff for 24/7/365 coverage

Transcription Services

  • U.S. and Internationally based experienced medical transcription staff in collaboration with Teletrak Medical Transcription, Inc. (TMT)
  • Facility has complete control over technology and service options selection with all users working in the same system, regardless of their location
  • Availability of transcription staff virtually 24 hours a day
  • Guaranteed quick turnaround of reports
    • Standard report turnaround in 12-24 hours (can be shortened based on hospital’s needs)
    • Stat/Priority report turnaround in 2-12 hours (can be shortened based on hospital’s needs)
  • Continuous quality improvement and quality assurance process

Workflow Technology

  • State-of-the-art, integrated technology platform for in-house/remote- based transcription done by hospital staff—in the same system for all users
  • Truly seamless digital dictation, medical transcription and HIS integration technology platform
  • Option for complete or partially outsourced transcription (for overflow needs or specific departments' needs only)—in the same system for all users (hospital and outsource staff)
  • Automatic printing, e-mailing and faxing functionality to any designated location to help minimize paper handling and FTE costs, and reduce report distribution time
  • Complete integration with HIS system for different data elements—e.g. ADT, Exams, Orders, Reports, Result Codes, Follow-Up Codes, Doctors, etc.)
  • Executive dashboard for job status monitoring
  • Automatic, Intelligent Report Distribution Mechanism
  • Productivity and management reports
  • Workflow process is based on hospital’s standards/templates/workflow as applicable
  • Multiple level of security for users and groups

Why Does TSG and TeletrakMT Succeed Where Other Transcription Companies Fail?

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